This is a substitute server for Guix.

Availability for x86_64-linux, i686-linux, aarch64-linux, armhf-linux and powerpc64le-linux should be good. i586-gnu substitutes aren't currently available.

Cross built packages from x86_64-linux to i586-pc-gnu, aarch64-linux-gnu and arm-linux-gnueabihf are also available.

Using these substitutes

The URL to use to fetch substitutes is, and they're signed with the following key.

  (curve Ed25519)
  (q #7D602902D3A2DBB83F8A0FB98602A754C5493B0B778C8D1DD4E0F41DE14DE34F#)

On a Guix System

Users of Guix System can start using these substitutes with a bit of scheme code that looks like:

(define %my-desktop-services
     config =>
      (inherit config)
       (append (list "")
  (curve Ed25519)
  (q #7D602902D3A2DBB83F8A0FB98602A754C5493B0B778C8D1DD4E0F41DE14DE34F#)

    (services (append (list (service dhcp-client-service-type)
                            (service openssh-service-type
                                      (openssh openssh-sans-x)
                                      (port-number 2222))))